Tony Bennett Cards

Holidays in Venice
Tony Bennett, multiple Grammy-Award and Emmy Award winning musician and accomplished painter, marks his 26th year designing cards for the American Cancer Society Holiday Collection, with this year's card titled "Holidays in Venice".

Dear Friends,

Venice is one of my favorite cities to visit in Italy and I have spent many hours painting the beautiful buildings and gondolas that give it such a unique character. I chose this image for this year's card as it struck me that the red and white poles reminded me of candy canes. As it turns out, the poles, called "pali da casada" (which translates to "poles of the family") were placed in front of various structures to mark the water entrances of the properties of various prominent Venetian families... Although you are no longer allowed to moor your gondola on the poles, these days they are strictly decorative yet remain a beautiful attribute of the city.

So I hope you enjoy this year's card image - and if you get a chance to enjoy a candy cane this season, I hope you think of Venice!


Tony Bennett

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