Tony Bennett Cards

Tony Bennett, multiple Grammy Award and Emmy Award-winning musician and accomplished painter, marks his 27th year designing cards for the American Cancer Society Holiday Collection by bringing back a card from the past titled, "Home is Where the Heart Is".

Dear Friends,

In 2012, I created the holiday image that I entitled HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS, and it is one of my favorites of all the paintings that I have done for the American Cancer Society’s Holiday Card Series in the almost three decades since my involvement began for this most worthy project. When I thought about the painting for 2020, I realized that HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS was the most fitting message to convey this holiday season so I have decided to bring this image back this year. I know it has been difficult and often tragic times for everyone on the planet and I have found that finding your "home" - wherever and with whomever that may be - is the most important thing to discover and hold on to when things get tough.

I hope this image will once again inspire a sense of hope, good will and comfort to those who receive it this year and I send my best wishes for this holiday season out to everyone.

With love,

Tony Bennett

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